Mischief and Thunder

A spiritual guide for the modern libertine

                                                         Exit the Machine

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

— Pablo Picasso

The Libertine Oath:

In this life, it is my mission to bring overwhelming joy to as many beings as is possible. I will never back down from a challenge to aid those who are oppressed mentally, physically, or spiritually. I will explore every region imaginable with all the strength I have in my body, mind, and soul to invigorate my creative process and develop the innovations necessary to evolve the human race to a heightened level of existence. I will immerse myself fully in my artistic passions to fulfill the gifts bestowed upon me as a sentient being and produce gorgeous works to induce a profound emotional response. With the last flicker of life in my eyes, I will wink at this plane of existence before I exit to the dark beyond knowing my memory will serve as a vast armory of hope to all those who will be told their dreams are impossible.


                                                    Like an angel, feral eyed,

                                                   Piercing your sleeping side,

                                                   Gliding down in dark flight

                                                    In the inwards of the night

Art is our chief means of breaking bread with the dead

— W.H. Auden

                                                    Perilous mad passion mine,

                                                    Wild one, yet for me divine

                                                    Tag the planet

                                                               I am what I am

                                       Erotic politics

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